5 Websites to Create a Professional Resume in Minutes for Free

Nowadays, it is not enough to just have a resume file. You also need eye-catching design, as well as information. Arrange and list the information in the right way to increase the likelihood of you being the right candidate for the job.
Gone are the days of opening Microsoft Word and the confusion and difficulty of designing and writing a resume by using the best resume builder sites, you can really make a resume that stands out from the competition. Even better, you don’t need to spend any money to create a professional looking resume as there are plenty of great free templates that are similar to the ones successful applicants have used in the past.


The site Resume.com attractive to many people when it comes to building an autobiography with a professional – looking. The CV templates on the site were built based on the opinions of thousands of employees that the company consulted to formulate. Resume.com has built a resume builder using data collected from job sites which makes it more accurate than a lot of other sites. Once complete, your resume can be shared on Resume.com with the millions of interested employers registered on the site.

Site Features: 

  • professional look
  • Multiple templates
  • Free to use

موقع ResumUP

Unlike its predecessor, ResumUP takes a more visual approach than most resume builders. The site’s resume builder allows you to create an interactive resume to show off your skills in relation to your experience – and you can even import your existing data to create an instant resume. The website offers many different styles and you can choose between the traditional design or the eye-catching stripe design. The site also allows you to create specialized resumes designed to be read by computers or developers in ATS or JSON formats.

Site Features:

  • visual style
  • The ability to import data
  • Multiple templates and styles
  • Specialized options

CakeResume website

As its name suggests, CakeResume makes creating a resume similar to building a piece of cake thanks to the resume builder that lets you create a live resume in minutes. Using a simple drag and drop interface the site allows you to customize your resume layout and present yourself in a unique way.

CakeResume’s resume builder offers some beautiful and professional designs, and you can download your resume at any point during the creation process, letting you take a look at it, share it with others online, or send it whenever you want.

The basic service is free, comes with a maximum of one resume, or you can choose to purchase a more expensive package to remove the CakeResume branding. The paid plan allows you to create an unlimited number of resumes and track your resume via Google Analytics if you host it on a custom web domain name.

Site Features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • beautiful designs
  • Free plan
  • Google Analytics option

موقع Novoresume

Want to create a resume that will improve your chances of getting hired? Site Novoresume says that the solution has. The site provides you with templates that automatically optimize all of your resume content to make sure it is aligned and organized. All site template designs are approved by employers and designed to suit different job types.

Novoresume’s features include a content optimizer that analyzes your resume as it’s being created, and provides suggested reviews to increase its quality. If you’re not sure where to start, the website gives you a helping hand with resume samples that successful applicants have used in the past.

Site Features:

  • Content optimizer
  • Certified Designs
  • Provides samples for comparison

VisualCV website

VisualCV is one of the best and most powerful resume builders thanks to its ability to manage multiple resume styles, track resume analytics (such as when employers view or download your resume), and invite comments on your resume from partners or friends.

It also takes security very seriously, and offers three privacy options to ensure your data stays safe. Used by over 3.1 million job seekers, it also features the ability to create letters, import resume samples, and more.

Site Features:

  • Foy CV Builder
  • Visit Analytics
  • The ability to invite friends to post notes
  • privacy options



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