Meet GETTR, Trump’s new social media platform!

It seems that former US President Donald Trump is back on social media again, but this time he has his own platform. The team of former US President Donald Trump has launched a new social platform called GETTR. The team says that the new platform is an alternative to those of existing tech giants.

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New Social Media Platform From Team Trump

With Donald Trump banned from most social media platforms for several months, the team behind the former president launched an entirely new social platform. The platform called GETTR is advertising itself as an alternative to the current big technology platforms.

GETTR’s statement of goals states that the site aims to fight “the abolition of culture, promote common sense, defend freedom of expression, challenge social media monopolies, and create a true market for ideas.”

The new social media platform is led by Jason Miller, one of Trump’s former spokespersons. Details regarding Donald Trump’s involvement in the social media platform are unclear, though the app is 100% linked to Trump’s team and his campaign to re-enter politics. We are not sure yet if Trump will create an account on the platform.

In fact, Trump has been searching for new ways to connect with his supporters online since he was banned from most social media sites in January 2021. It is worth noting that the former president tried to launch a blog but it did not work and was laughed at and ended up disappearing due to low levels of participation In which.

The podium is led by a former top Trump adviser

Former senior Trump adviser Jason Miller who leads the platform told Fox News that the name GETTR was inspired by the idea of ​​”Getting Together.” He also added, “Let’s get together, we’re talking about a sense of community.” Regarding his development of the GETTR platform, he said, “We believe that it will eventually be a global platform.” “We want all political spectrum to join the platform,” he added.

The app officially launched on July 4th, a move Miller says is in keeping with the true meaning of freedom. Miller said the launch was “related to Independence Day.” He added, “Independent of social media monopolies, independent of abolition culture; embracing free speech. Our launch of the platform on Sunday is intentional.”

“We believe there should be a new social media platform that really defends freedom of expression and does not fight political beliefs,” he continued. “This is a challenge to the monopolies on social media.”

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What is the GETTR platform and how does it work?

GETTR users can post messages of up to 777 characters, upload videos up to three minutes in length, and edit videos within the app. Miller Fox also said users can “import their Twitter tweets to the new platform” after registering.

The initiative to create GETTR followed Trump’s ban from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat this year, an action taken against him after the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill.

CBN News previously reported that Trump was looking into creating his own social media site after Twitter blocked it.

Finally, Miller explained that GETTR strives to create a diverse community of its users and that “not just for conservatives but for people of all political persuasions around the world to join.”

Is Trump back on social media?

So far, Trump has not created an account on GETTR. Although the Trump team launched the app, details of the former president’s involvement with the platform remain unclear.

He may wait to see how GETTR is received by the tech-savvy general public before announcing its launch.


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