A group of applications and sites for those who love to shop from the Internet.

In a paper titled “COVID-19 and E-Commerce,” researchers examined how the epidemic has changed the way consumers use e-commerce. In the wake of the pandemic, more than half of respondents answered that they became more frequent shopping online and rely more on the Internet for news and information related to health and digital entertainment.

The survey shows that consumers in emerging economies have achieved the biggest shift in online shopping. Therefore, we decided to offer you the best sites and applications that you can use to shop on the Internet with the advantages of each.

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Before you buy anything from the Internet, I advise you on this wonderful site. This site offers you discount coupons for most of the international sites.

To enter the site from here .


Have you become obsessed with buying from the Internet? I recommend this terrible app (Pricena). The idea in this application is to put the product that you want to buy from the Internet and compare its price on most sites and choose the right price for you.

Available on Android and iOS.

Download the app for Android devices from here .

Download the application for iPhone devices from here .


Perhaps one day you were browsing on social media or any other site and you saw a picture of a person whose clothes caught your attention or impressed you, and you were too embarrassed to ask him where he bought these clothes. Here, this application is easy to use, as it simply puts any picture of clothes and tells you about the stores or sites that sell such clothes with their prices on each site.

To download the application for iPhone devices from here .

To download the app for Android devices from here .

everything 5 pounds

British site all the products it sells for only five pounds. It’s nice about the site that it ships products internationally.

Website link here .


The newegg online store is one of the distinctive and famous stores in marketing electronic products. The number of visitors to the newegg store increases daily due to the different products that the store has. The newegg store is uniquely designed so that it displays all its contents in a simple and comfortable way for customers who are using the store. The store’s products are divided into several sections as follows: – ((a section for computer systems and its components, a section for electronic devices, a section for video games, a special section for office equipment, a special section for car supplies, a section for home supplies and tools, a section for health Sports and fitness, a section for clothes and accessories, a section for hobbies, games and entertainment, and a section for offers and gifts provided by the site))… The store is available in English and has a version in Chinese and does not provide Arabic. In addition to the existence of a search box to make it easier and save the consumer the hassle of searching, and the store also provides branches in a number of countries.

To enter the site from here .


This site is considered one of the best sites that sell original perfumes of all brands at the cheapest prices.

Website link from here  .


Who does not know this giant Chinese website that puts China in your hands and meets all needs, accessories, clothes and devices?

To enter the site from here .

To download the application for Android, click here .

To download the application for iPhone devices, click here .

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