Add photos of contacts on your Android phone from their Facebook accounts via this app!

If your phone is android, you’re definitely frustrated that there are no photos of most of your contacts. Fortunately, some apps can sync your Facebook friends photos with their contacts on your Android phone.

For a while, there were quite a number of apps that could sync your Facebook friends photos with your Android contacts. But Facebook has changed the amount of access for apps to Facebook profiles, causing many of them to stop working. Currently, there are only a few apps that have found a way to continue synchronizing Facebook photos with Android contacts.

Applying Sync.ME

In Sync.ME it’s easy to sync between photos of your friends in their Facebook accounts and their Android contact numbers. Just go to settings, tab the account, and link Sync.ME to your Facebook account.

Once your account is verified, Sync.ME will automatically update your contact photos according to the time frame listed in the settings. If you prefer not to wait, you can press the Sync button at the bottom of the home screen for instant sync.

The Sync.ME will then view all accounts that you have attached. Although it can sync Facebook, it can also sync with Instagram, Google+ and Twitter accounts as well. Once you connect and select your Facebook account, click the Sync button. The app will try to sync everyone’s photos on Facebook with Android contacts.

Once you’ve synced your contacts with their own accounts, you’ll be shown Sync.ME all the suggested matches you’ve submitted. This is where you can verify that the app has found the right people. If this doesn’t happen, you can tell him that he found the wrong profile before continuing.

The app will also show you a list of contacts that he couldn’t find on Facebook. You can solve this problem by clicking on and searching for each contact on Facebook.

Once you sync all your contacts, you can back up your contacts on your phone to your Google Account.

Other applications

Contact Sync for Facebook (CoSy)

CoSy - Contact Sync
Price: Free


Price: Free


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