Your smartphone doesn’t charge? Here are 7 solutions you can try

Many of us don’t think about charging a smartphone. All you do is connect the phone to the charger and wait to hear the tone that indicates that the phone is charging. But there are many unexpected causes and problems that may hinder the shipping process even if you think you’ve done everything right. If you experience this problem — your smartphone isn’t charging — here are some solutions you can try before you contact your dealer or seller.

1. Turn your phone back on

Sometimes your phone may not be charged because of a minor temporary problem that may be the cause. Solving this problem may simply be restarting the phone.

Restarting the phone will kill all services in the background and are software that works constantly ‘behind the scenes’ and without the user’s knowledge, such as system monitoring. This will activate the basic components of your phone if one of them crashes while performing any task. To restart your phone, all you have to do is hold down the play button and press the restart option.

If this solution works with you and the phone returns to charging again, we recommend that you review the apps you downloaded on your phone and delete unreliable apps.

2- Try charging the phone in safe mode

Try to restart the phone to safe mode and ship it from there. Security mode is an ‘environment’ that restricts the phone to the programs that came with it, which means that the programs you downloaded will not work in secure mode.

If your phone charges in secure mode, this problem is definitely caused by an app you have downloaded previously. See apps you’ve downloaded before and delete apps you’ve recently downloaded that can’t be trusted. Then restart the phone again. If it doesn’t work, we recommend restoring the phone factory settings.

To enter security mode on Android phones, hold down the play button and then hold down on the shutdown and then press ‘OK’ on the option shown on the screen. The phone will restart to safe mode. To get out of the security mode, repeat the same steps, but choose the ‘restart’ option instead of shutting down.

There are a lot of companies that use their own version of Android that may have another way to get into the safe situation. You can simply search through Google on the way for your phone in case the method mentioned above does not work with you.

3- Try another cable, charger or other entrance

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor charger cable

Sometimes the problem may not be in the phone.  The cable may contain a damaged wire, or maybe the charger is not working properly, or the power input does not transmit power well.

The best way to find out is to charge your phone through the computer by cable. If you charge your phone, you can reduce the possible causes of the charging problem. The problem lies in the charger itself or in the power input. Try charging your phone through the charger but through another power input. Has the problem been solved when using another power input? This means that the energy input was the cause of your problem.

But if your problem continues to appear, the charger itself may not work well or not at all. In this case we recommend that you buy a good charger suitable for your phone and stay away from counterfeit chargers that can cause many problems.

4- Make sure the problem is not a system error

Sometimes the problem may be that the phone system doesn’t show the charging icon. There is an app on the store called Ampere that can help.

This app shows you how much current your phone is charging or unloading. Power your phone and open the app. If you see that the phone receives a stream and charges, it means that the problem is in the system. You can wait for an update from the company or work restore factory settings that might solve the problem.

5- Clean the charging inlet of your phone

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor clean charging port

The charging entrance is one of the most dust-exposed things in any smartphone. This can disrupt the phone’s connection to the power source and thus cause a charging problem.

If you notice some dust accumulating on the charging inlet, clean it using a dry cotton or dry paper napkin, the entrance is a bit sensitive so we recommend doing it with caution.

6. Did the phone fall into the water? Dry it first.

You should not charge the phone at all if there is a possibility that the phone has been exposed to too much water. In this case, you should first make sure that everything inside the phone is completely dry.

There are plenty of ways to dry up the contents of the phone. You can dry it with hot air (e.g. using a hair dryer) or place it in a rice bowl. In any case you should wait at least a day before connecting the phone again and try to charge it.

7- Visit the service centre

If all previous solutions fail, your last resort is to check the phone by a specialist. Since none of the above solutions have been successful, it is likely that there will be a phone malfunction.

If your phone is still under warranty, you won’t often have to pay any costs. However, if the warranty period expires, you will unfortunately pay for the maintenance yourself.


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