Officially, Adobe Flash is done! To protect your computer, this is how to uninstall it.

خبر محزن آخر مع بداية 2021!

After it has been in use by more than a billion users a decade ago; Adobe officially announced the end of the Adobe Flash player era. The company decided to lift the subsidy from it at the beginning of 2021. The player that was once a major player in playing YouTube videos. Who doesn’t remember the flash games we enjoyed when we were kids? Adobe Flash Player has been a staple for playing videos, media and online games for a long time.

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Why did it end?

Beginning of the End

We can say that the beginning of the downfall began when Adobe announced that it had no intention of developing the player for mobile devices. With the spread of smart devices and the popularity of iPhones, users of these devices suffered from the lack of a Flash player, which made some websites unusable. In 2010, Apple founder Steve Jobs attacked the operator, saying, “iPhones and iPads will never support Flash Player which has been full of years of bugs and security vulnerabilities.”

Although Flash played an important role in the early days of the Internet, it is getting out of date. With open web standards such as HTML5, it is now possible to embed content directly into web pages without the need for a Flash player. And because it does not support mobile devices, websites do not want to use Flash Player, because this means that they lose their mobile phone surfers.

Many security flaws

With the popularity of the Adobe Flash player, it has always been a good target for hackers. The player has always been plagued by many security problems and software vulnerabilities. Because of that, his reputation was very bad and many people sought to get rid of him.

The end

With the decline in Adobe Flash users and due to the abundance of security problems, Adobe announced its plan to stop supporting Flash three years ago. Finally the end day for the program came on December 31, 2020. While some operating systems and browsers have already discontinued Flash, Adobe encourages people to check that Flash Player has been uninstalled on their devices immediately “to help protect their systems”, because it will not get updates. Safety anymore.

Remove the player from your computer

With support discontinued, the operator will no longer receive any security updates and fixes. So you should make sure to uninstall it immediately to protect your computer and your safety on the Internet.

Windows Update

In October 2020, Microsoft released KB4577586 update called “Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player”  which permanently removes Flash Player from your computer. Microsoft noticed that the update only removes Flash Player installed by Windows. “If you manually install Adobe Flash Player from another source, it will not be removed,” Microsoft said in the support document.

In the summer of 2021, Microsoft plans to include the update in the monthly cumulative updates. That is, update KB4577586 will be downloaded and applied automatically with new builds of Windows.

The player is permanently removed

Adobe has published uninstall instructions for both Windows and Mac users. Here’s how to uninstall:

  • Download the Flash Player uninstaller. (There is a different tool for every system; if you use a Mac, be sure to determine which OS version you are using.)
  • Run the uninstaller. (On Windows, make sure to close all browsers and programs that use Flash. On a Mac, the tool will do this as part of the process.)
  • After opening the tool, click on the “Uninstall” option, it will take a very short time.
  • After the tool completes the removal process, it will ask you to restart the computer to ensure that all player components have been removed.
  • After removing the player, you can verify that it has been completely removed by testing from the official Adobe website. You can take a test by clicking here. And click on the “Check now” option.

Download the tool link

You can download the tool from the official website of Adobe for Windows devices by clicking here , and for MAC devices by clicking here .



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