Samsung produced a massive 512GB DDR5 RAM module!

أنتجت سامسونج أكبر ذاكرة DDR5 DRAM سعة 512 جيجابايت في العالم.

Samsung announced a major breakthrough in designing its 512GB DDR5 DIMM. Not only that! Samsung didn’t just surprise the world with its memory space! It also outperformed with a speed of 7200 Mbps.

Samsung’s arrival at this ancestor was made possible by Samsung’s TSV technology, which allows eight memory chips to be stacked on top of each other. It also uses High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) material which is used as a substitute for the usual insulation layer because with increased density the old insulation layers are very thin for HKMG layer. HKMG was first used by Samsung in 2018 for its GDDR6 memory, which is the memory you’ll find in graphics cards.

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This new memory also uses approximately 13 percent less energy than the old standard DDR4, and this is a remarkable energy savings especially in data centers that contain thousands of pieces of RAM.

We may not need 512 GB of memory units in our computers, and indeed most current computer processors only support capacities much less than that (64 GB or 128 GB depending on your CPU). These units are designed for businesses that require high load and high bandwidth as they will be used in medical research, financial markets, autonomous driving devices, smart cities, etc.

We’re still in the early days of developing DDR5s, which provide twice the bandwidth of DDR4s and lower power consumption, but there are still no hardware components to support them. The DDR5 standard was officially released in July 2020, but there was no rush to support and develop it as the DDR4 standard has the advantages and speed that users need.

The first components to support DDR5 are expected to be Intel’s Alder Lake architecture processors, which are slated to be launched in early 2022. And a few months later with AMD’s Zen 4-architecture processors in the summer of 2022. Samsung’s step in the development process is very good and we hope there will be. Plenty of options for speeds and sizes by the time computer hardware components support the new memory.


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